Megan Ihnen Accepts Teaching Artist Position at Drake University

Megan Ihnen, has been employed as a teaching artist with Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. She will be teaching English and French Diction as well as Vocal Methods for Instrumental Music Education Majors.

CARPEDM MUSIC MIX VOLUME III includes Megan Ihnen singing “Bound V” featured at SXSW 2016.

Megan Ihnen’s performance of Garrett Schumann’s “Bound V” with Latitude 49 was selected to be a part of CarpeDM Music Mix Volume III. The CarpeDM Music Mix will travel to Austin, TX during SXSW Interactive 2016 and will be available at the Des Moines Embassy tent during the festival. Posted on March 10, 2016 by Lindsay Keast Congratulations Des Moines! We are a city thriving with talented local artists and musicians. After a two week process of submissions and judging, we […]

Megan Ihnen Accepts Vocal Faculty Position at Graceland University

Megan Ihnen, has been employed as adjunct voice faculty at Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. She will be teaching applied voice and studio class for both majors, minors, and non-majors interested in voice.

Ihnen Selected for Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artists Award

The Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC), an agency of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, has awarded grants to 89 Maryland artists for creating work of exceptional quality within a range of disciplines. The group of outstanding choreographers, composers, dancers, musicians, poets and sculptors was selected from nearly 400 applicants and received Individual Artists Awards ranging from $1,000 to $6,000 to advance their artistic careers.

Soaring with SONAR

“The revelation of the evening was the performance of Salvatore Sciarrino (b. 1947)’s odd one-woman operatic drama, “Infinito Nero” (1988)…Mezzo-soprano Megan Ihnen gave a mesmerizing dramatic and musical account of the strange mystic, Saint Mary Magadelen de Pazzi (1566-1607).”

Ihnen and Muehleisen bring out the best of Gyorgy Kurtag’s ‘Kafka-Fragments’

“These qualities were borne out by a performance of one of his masterpieces, the “Kafka-Fragments,” by mezzo-soprano Megan Ihnen and violinist Martha Morrison Muehleisen on Saturday night at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. Ihnen brought a sure sense of pitch to the vocal part, stretched a bit by the extremes of its wide range but with sure-footed dramatic sense.”

Glass ceilings and open doors: Women in contemporary music

“Megan Ihnen stressed to me that the issue warrants regular discussion: “I strongly believe that it’s absolutely necessary to talk about gender parity and gender issues in new music as well as classical music.”

Ihnen went on to say that discussions about the issue should include ways of moving forward, that “it’s important to recognize it and then each do our part to overcome”. More specifically, “the solutions raised… need to be scrutinized as helpful or stumbling blocks. Do we need to change quotas in ensembles to achieve gender equality? That may be a stumbling block. But, perhaps opting for blind auditions to thwart sexism is more realistic and helpful.”

Ihnen shared her own call to action, saying, “It would serve the whole community of new music if we try to be as open-minded about the people that compose, perform, and love new music as we claim to be about the music we play.”

A Report on ‘A Fire in Water’ at Silver Finch Arts Collective’ by Terry Byrne

A Fire in Water, a modern, one-act chamber opera in Silver Finch Arts Collective’s cooker, has all the elements of a masterwork: timeless themes of love and war, a stunning score by Terrance Johns and Michael Oberhauser, and marksman-like singing…

…As Thetis, Megan Ihnen’s syrupy mezzo is more of a caress – she is earth mother to Buonaiuto’s radiant glint and spark. Their “Stars” duet, supported by a stellar constellation chorus (Katherine Riddle, Zoe Kanter, and Tanya Ruth) – all five in formation tossing yellow chiffon star puffs — could rival Lakmé’s “Flower Duet” as hit material, ending with a hauntingly sweet-and-sour alien chord…

Megan Selected for fresh inc festival Summer 2013

Serving to prepare participants to launch their own artistic careers, fresh inc’s experiential program includes a series of activities aimed at providing a complete artistic toolbox for the modern marketplace, including:

Individual Instruction and Chamber Coaching: Expert individual instruction with composition and instrumental artist faculty and chamber music coachings with members of 5HE

Something for that Resume: Rehearsals and recorded performances of newly-created works by participating composers. Ensembles are composed of participants and 5HE members performing side-by-side

Arts Start-Up: A series of training sessions in the basics of starting a new arts venture, including strategic planning, generating earned and contributed income, networking, freelancing, and marketing

Connective Programming: Participants learn to program effectively for audiences of all ages and types through interactive programming and public speaking training

Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations: Participants learn what it takes to produce distinctive multimedia projects through interaction with 5HE’s artistic collaborators, including visual artists, writers, directors, and actors

Visiting Experts: A series of career development workshops with top industry professionals in the fields of social media, artist management, instrumental performance, and composition

Portfolio Creation: Working closely with 5HE’s artistic staff, participants will leave the Fresh Inc. experience with a portfolio including an artist statement, marketing materials, elements of a business plan, and headshots provided by SnoStudios Photography