A Report on ‘A Fire in Water’ at Silver Finch Arts Collective’ by Terry Byrne

A Fire in Water, a modern, one-act chamber opera in Silver Finch Arts Collective’s cooker, has all the elements of a masterwork: timeless themes of love and war, a stunning score by Terrance Johns and Michael Oberhauser, and marksman-like singing…

…As Thetis, Megan Ihnen’s syrupy mezzo is more of a caress – she is earth mother to Buonaiuto’s radiant glint and spark. Their “Stars” duet, supported by a stellar constellation chorus (Katherine Riddle, Zoe Kanter, and Tanya Ruth) – all five in formation tossing yellow chiffon star puffs — could rival Lakmé’s “Flower Duet” as hit material, ending with a hauntingly sweet-and-sour alien chord…

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