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Sleep Songs: Wordless Lullabies for the Sleepless Volume 1 Release Day

January 1, 2021

An album of wordless lullabies for solo voice featuring music by Jay Derderian, Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, Lee Hartman, Julia Seeholzer, Arthur Breur, Griffin Candey, Tony Manfredonia, Jen Wang, and D. Edward Davis.

In March of 2017, Shaya Lyon tweeted, “On my list of fantasy commissioning projects: wordless lullabies for the sleepless, sung by @mezzoihnen.” So, I quote tweeted her suggestions with, “Composers, can we make this happen?” and received an overwhelming response of people who were interested. That told me that this was a project that was ripe for the happening. This is the first of three albums to come out of the Sleep Songs project. Thank you to Shaya for the inspiration and support.


released January 1, 2021

Engineered by Andrew Rodriguez.

Recorded at Capitol Hill Lutheran Church, Des Moines, IA. Thank you to Erik Ullestad for making this possible.

Distributed by Odd Pop Records.

This album was made possible with the support of 154 backers over the course of seven days who donated to the Sleep Songs: Wordless Lullabies for the Sleepless project on Kickstarter.

Thank you to SW, Cristin, David, Andy, Michael, Mark, Amanda, Neil, Judah, Erin, Logan, Ryan, Rosalie, Peter, Philippa, Donald, Nick, Evan, Maren, Lynn, Ann, David, Lindsay, Wes, Shane, Rosemary, Nathan, Carson, Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca, Alex, Rebecca, Molly, Jean, Kevin, Nick, Katie, David, Nathanael, Liz, Erika, Jocelyn, Christian, Gordon, Drew, ranjit, Marceline, Ashley, Don, Alan, Jay, Nancy, Samson, Sandra, Elisabeth, Justin, Bridget, Tammy, Jay, Pierce, Colleen, Kerri Lynn, Aleks, Jason and Nicole, Arthur, Sugar, Isaac, Meg, Courtney, Gahlord, Dustin, Price, Susan, Pascual, Paul, Patrick, Jim and Joc, Angelina, Lee, Meerenai, Elizabeth, Zachary, Shaya, Hart, ruby, Stacey, Clare, Jaime, Adam, Melissa, Ellen, Dennis, Liz, Kathleen, Ruben, Anthony Joseph, Christian, David, Kayleigh, Bryant, Julie, Jean, Emlyn, Iain, Aidan, , Julie, Sarah, Therese, Sara, Shana, N, Kirsten, Lauren, David, Jenny, Hillary, skoosh, Lisa, David, Kat, Cheryl, Kathe, Victor, Adam, David, Carol, Arlene & Larry, Kelly, Alan, Julia, Jessica, Holly, Michelle, Elisabeth, David, Neil, Joshua, Anna, Jonathan, Ann, Garrett, Kathlee, Manny, Margot, Max, Nat, Philip, Rhonda, Robert, Scott, William, and the anonymous supporters.

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Megan Ihnen