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Sybaritic Singer is a blog in which Megan Ihnen (mezzo-soprano) takes aim for the events, performances, and intelligent music conversations that you want to know about. Megan is a versatile singing actress. Celebrated as an insightful musician in challenging 20th & 21st century vocal repertoire, she is a tireless promoter of contemporary classical music for the voice. Originally from Iowa, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She went on to complete her Masters of Music in Vocal Performance at the Johns Hopkins University Peabody Institute in Baltimore, Maryland under the guidance of Phyllis Bryn-Julson.

“Working alongside my colleagues, directly serving communities hungry for meaningful cultural experiences, feels transformative and engaging in ways I can’t wait to tell the world about. Someone who needs solace is nurtured; someone who wants an opportunity to make music is heard. Though the thorny issues facing classical music and the arts require societal shifts, I believe personal connection to these individual artists, organizations, and companies are what changes society. Artistic merit, communication and marketing, development, and strategic planning are necessary for sustaining art and culture in our society. Each person’s actions drive engagement; and embodying these areas takes a personal commitment from everyone. I see my work as strengthening the ongoing love affair with classical music in our society.” – Megan Ihnen

After starting the Sybaritic Singer as a way to get more involved with the voice and new music community in the Mid-Atlantic area, she has also enjoyed blogging for OperaPulse and Operagasm. Megan admires Tim Page as a great mentor for musical criticism and strives to make her reviews honest, considerate, and compelling.