For Listeners

I work at the forefront of American classical music of our time. My primary interest is contemporary classical music for the voice mainly by, but not limited to, American composers. I work with compelling and diverse composers and performers to bring meaningful and eloquent music to eager listeners.

I am a catalyst and change-maker for the next generation of vocal music.

I am a mezzo soprano devoted to the commissioning, performance, and proliferation of new music. My primary motivation for performing is to provide a creative event for listeners to interface with their own most profound emotions through interacting with music.

The act of live performance is integral to my work. Whether through chamber music, staged recitals, opera, or large ensemble soloist work, I create in-the-moment relationships built on authenticity and vulnerability with my listeners. I emphasize the full range of vocal sounds, timbres, colors, and uses that characterize the 21st century voice.

Through narrative and non-narrative musical storytelling, I explore the subjects of memory, nostalgia, the perception of time, and relationships.

As of January 2021, I have had over 100 pieces of music written for me. My devotion to the proliferation of new music extends beyond the commissioning and performing of music to teaching, workshopping, and mentoring of emerging artists in the field. I also work to increase the visibility and influence of new music through writing on the subject for multiple online and print publications.