For Presenters & Educators


"Megan is the type of performer that makes me wish I were a better composer, and then makes me sound like I am."

Kevin Wilt Composer

"Megan brought great artistry, spirit, and beautifully rich vocal color to a wide variety of new works in Stone Mason Projects' inaugural production. She proved a strong, capable and highly dependable force during the process of creating this performance. She embodies the community-based, hard-working, DIY spirit of new music."

Pamela Stein Lynde Soprano, Composer, Founder of Stone Mason Projects

"In January 2018, I had the pleasure of performing with Megan Ihnen in a new version of my composition 'Devonian Geometry' on the SPLICE Festival at Western Michigan University. Originally a score for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, percussion and electronics, the performance  at SPLICE was adapted to the circumstances in which neither the clarinetist or the percussionist were able to make it to the festival. Megan approached this more open version of the score with a great sense of timing and expression, expanding upon her written part with improvisation, sensitively responding to the live electronics and leading the work in new directions."

Erik Spangler Composer and Electronic Musician

"An unimaginable combination of sounds. Megan Ihnen and Alan Theisen make audiences feel right at home in This World of Yes through engaging dialogue and a performance of outstanding variety and impeccable musicianship. It is truly a performance that must be seen to be believed."

Marc Ballard Saxophonist

Composing a new work for Megan is way more fun than should be allowed. She’s a true collaborator and inspired me to try a wide array of new things that led to Phonetical Lullaby. It’s rare and valuable to find a singer who knows how to talk about their instrument in a clear and practical way. Megan’s intelligence and enthusiasm was somewhat like a graduate-level class in writing for voice…just way more fun.

Jason V. Barabba, Composer

Megan Ihnen not only flawlessly executes new works, she is an expert at engaging and educating audiences in a way that sparks curiosity and radiates a welcome attitude toward new music performance.

Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer Oh My Ears Artistic Director/Founder