Making Noise Podcast interviews Megan Ihnen

It was such a pleasure to go on composer Adam Kennaugh’s Making Noise Podcast. We talked about all sorts of things:
? Why my Calendly scheduling tool saves my life constantly.
? My portfolio career and how I’ve integrated performing, teaching, and consulting.
? How my singing career grew from local to regional to national.
? Why I redesigned my website with my primary, secondary, and tertiary audience in mind.
? Knowing when you need to scale up your business through automation and hiring people.
? Why the power of storytelling is integral to my performance life.
? How did Megan Ihnen & Alan Theisen present (MIATp) come up with the concept for “Black Meridian” and why I’m so excited about it.
And honestly, that just scratches the surface. We went in depth! I hope you’ll take a listen if you’re curious about any of these topics.
My sincere thanks to Adam for asking such insightful questions!! I hope you’ll subscribe to his podcast and check out the other incredible guests he’s interviewing!
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