Year-long 1:1 coaching program ($215/mo)


Make this year a success. Megan’s year-long coaching program is a 12-month transformation available to a limited group of creative professionals for a monthly invoice of $215.


Megan’s year-long coaching program is a 12-month transformation that is limited to a group of five people who are ready to get clarity on their offers, take action, and create greater meaning and income from their creative work, while also deepening their role in their community. It’s time. Are you ready?

You don’t have to be stuck. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed, burned-out, left behind, or frustrated in your professionally creative life. With a combination of mindset, strategy, and implementation work, we can change the experience you’re having.

What’s included in Megan’s year-long coaching program?

  • 12 hour-long, personalized coaching sessions to spend however you want over 12 months.
  • On-going email support for template creation, application review, and more.
  • Access to any other informational product that might be developed during the year. Megan’s practice is constantly growing and new products are released regularly. Year-long coaching clients will have access to anything new that is created within that year.
  • Year-long coaching clients receive access to all of Megan’s group coaching events for the full year for educational, peer, and community support.
  • All for a monthly invoice of $215 (2023 pricing)

Your total annual investment for this program is $2,580.