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Meg Quigley Bassoon Symposium Evening Recital

Darrel Hale, bassoon and Megan Ihnen, mezzo-soprano perform Hannah Rice (b. 2000): Aurora & Mara Gibson (b. 1972): White Ash as part of the Meg Quigley Bassoon Symposium

Megan Ihnen’s Year-in-Review

This time of the year always inspires me to do a lot of self-reflection. What have I done with the past 354 days, soon to be 365 days, of the year? Where did I travel? What did I learn? 2017 has often been troubling and I have found myself, on multiple occasions, feeling stuck and confused. But, I have also found myself in moments of total bliss, experiencing profound clarity, and surrounded by loved ones. I am definitely one of […]